Success Stories

Child Success

"Our school was recently trained in Schools Attuned to All Kinds of Minds. The LearningWisely team facilitated this course over 3 days, customizing the training for our school. We now feel that we are equipped with the latest brain research related to learning but most importantly, our faculty shares a common language as we accommodate learners in our classrooms. The LearningWisely team is providing follow up to guide staff with using the online tools found at the website and will also help provide strength to strategy plans for our most puzzling students. Our entire faculty agreed that this was the most beneficial professional development experience to date. The parents of our students are reassured that each child's mind is understood and their strengths trump their weaknesses in our communication loop. LearningWisely's facilitation of our professional development as well as their ongoing support for implementation is truly helping us become a school for all kinds of minds."


Sam is a 3rd grader who loves books, art and geography. Lately, she has experienced a struggle with math and reading comprehension. She often misses the small details necessary for accuracy in text as well as addition, subtraction and multiplication. Sam was beginning to believe that she could never be "smart" in math and wondered why she missed some of the meaning in textbooks. Following a strength based assessment, Sam's parents understood that her capacity to see the "big picture" linked with her love of books and fascination with places around the world. She needed help to develop her saliency determination, or attention to the smaller visual details that heighten accuracy in reading comprehension and math calculation. A strength to strategy plan included multi-colored highlighting strategies, post it note paraphrasing with images as well as demystification so that Sam understood her unique kind of brain.


Nick has always been a good student until he started high school last fall. The challenge of juggling so many classes and keeping organized was eluding him. He seemed to run out of time before he could finish all the items on many of his tests. Specifically Nick's ability to write clear answers on essay questions and longer essays seemed to be compromised. A strength based assessment documented his strengths in spatial and conceptual areas but significant weaknesses in step by step processes and active working memory. A clear statement documenting his need for extended time on all tests was provided (1.5 additional time) and his strength to strategy plan guided him to use graphic organizers and technology to support writing. Nick was demystified about why he struggled but most importantly he now knew what to do about it and test scores markedly improved when he was able to complete all test items!