Services For Students & Parents

For Students

Strength Based Assessment:

  • Approximately 3 hrs of face to face assessment
  • 2 hrs of data analysis and interpretation
  • 2 hrs to construct a learning profile of affinities, strengths and weaknesses
  • 3 hrs of report writing
  • 1 hr of face to face demystification meeting with the student
  • 1 hr parent conference
  • 1 hr school conference
  • 3-5 hrs follow up as needed.

Strength based educational therapy/coaching/tutoring:

Based upon student strengths , strategies are implemented in the context of current school work assigned. Coaching for students is provided from a strength based perspective to address challenges in organization, attention and memory.

Strength to Strategy Plan:

This service is done entirely online and offers a learning expert’s analysis of student strengths from existing psycho-educational reports, behavior checklists or recent student work/report cards and results in an individualized plan that identifies the strategies that leverages the unique attributes that work for a student and how they can be used to address basic academic challenges.

For Parents:

Parent Education and Parent Coaching:

Parent Coaching provides guidance and consultation about any topic of concern to parents of school age children regarding learning and behaving. Parent Education presentations are offered to schools and organizations covering topics related to early childhood learning, resiliency and learning, attention challenges, homework and organization/study skills and strength based approaches.