Services For Schools & Educators

As a trusted partner of All Kinds of Minds, we offer:


Understanding Learners and Learning:

A one day or half day workshop that highlights the neurodevelopmental framework informed by brain research and invites participants to engage in the philosophy of strength based learning.

Teaching All Kinds of Minds:

A workshop held over several that highlights important curricular themes to apply strength based learning to instructional decision making. Next day applications are provided so that participants are equipped with tools to apply and implement from this powerful professional development experience.

Schools Attuned to All Kinds of Minds:

Join over 48000 educators from across the country by participating in All Kinds of Minds’ signature course, Schools Attuned to All Kinds of Minds. Customized delivery over several weekends or clustered in consecutive multiple professional development days, this course comprehensively explores neurodevelopment and equips teachers to understand student learning profiles. Completion of this course results in the practical application of focused student learning partnerships to address one specific area of student struggle or online assessment tools that profile a student’s neurodevelopmental strengths and weaknesses to inform a detailed management plan. Emphasis is placed on streamlining demands on teacher time and strategies that benefit an entire classroom.